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Kids Riding Horses

Ready to Ride?

Welcome to our lessons and training page! Please browse to see what program bests fits you or your family members. We teach kids and adults of all riding levels and we teach a variety of disciplines including, hunter/jumper, western pleasure, gaited, saddle seat, and English pleasure. 

Lessons and Training: Welcome
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Group Lessons- $40

Group lessons give students the experience and practice of working and riding together. Students participate in drills, games and the visual learning tool of watching and learning from other riders in their class. Group lessons are fun and beneficial for both horse and rider weather the rider is preparing for show or riding for pleasure.

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Private Lessons-$50

Intense Sessions are a great choice to improve your athletic performance as well as your horse's athletic performance. Private lessons are stress free, confidence building and help build character. Private lessons also give the rider the opportunity to tweak and perfect certain aspects that can dramatically improve riding skills.

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The clinics will be held on one Saturday of every month from 2-4 in the afternoon. A maximum of 8 students per clinic is accepted. 

In these clinics students will learn the following:

·  Advanced leadership skills in horse handlers and riders so the horse will prefer to follow.

·  Focused on horsemanship, horses, and horse care.

·  Demonstrations and guest speakers will be held to discuss singular aspects of horses and their care. 

·  Riders and handlers are properly educated about balance, timing and feel.

·  Specializing in enhancing knowledge in horse psychology and attitude.

Each clinic will look a little different, as students will be participating in a wide variety of different activities and styles of riding including groundwork, English riding, western riding, trail riding activities and showmanship activities. 

These clinics are fantastic for any child to develop more self awareness, confidence, responsibility and leadership in themselves while spending fun time with other students and with our beautiful horses as well as experience demonstrations with some of the boarders’ horses.    

I recommend these clinics to – 

1) Youth who own a horse or take lessons on a horse and have trouble getting the horse to do what they want. (Feel like they have little influence and control). 

2) Youth who lack confidence around their horse

3) Youth whose parents are looking at buying them a horse                                       

4) Youth who would like to learn a better way of communicating with their horse.

5) Youth who are looking to develop advanced riding skills for the show ring. 

*Note* Clinics will not be held during show season

Pony Love

Little Boots-$30

  A class designed to give your little one a “leg up” in the horse world. These sessions are private one on one sessions which include grooming and tacking up with the assistance of the trainer. Ages 3 – 5 year olds learn the very beginnings of horsemanship and riding in a fun and relaxed setting. We ask that one parent be there to assist in case the child slips and falls. 

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 Training, tune-ups and restarting horses is offered. We offer 30 day sessions at $300 and 60 day sessions at $600 and 90 day sessions at $900.

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