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  • Feed Evaluation 

  • Feed Analysis

  • Blood Analysis

In some cases, a blood analysis done by a vet may be necessary for horses that are sick or recovering from illness, injury or surgery to assist in the formation of proper diet and feed program. 

  • Nutrition Recommendations

  • Feed and supplement companies 

  • Research and Development

Are you concerned that your horse is not getting a balanced diet or unsure of how to improve body condition and performance look?

At Greatness in the Saddle, we evaluate each horse's specific needs and formulate a nutritional plan that caters to the health, condition and performance of the horse. Visit our consultations page

Are you spending too much money on feed and supplements or not sure if you are using the right products?

We evaluate your current feed program and develop the most cost effective plan and feed ration for your horse. 

Pasture Maintenance

In addition, we can help you manage your pastures so you can support your horse with your own forage. Good roughage is the best food for your horse therefore good pastures can increase the longevity of the horse. 

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